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Brotherhood and Betrayal
The Preacher and the Pimp, Book 2
5 star rating by reviewers

Brothers Troy and Tre Evans have been on a collision course since a tragedy separated and forced them into foster care. When they reunite as grown men, tensions and jealousies rise as Troy faces the challenges of a preacher’s life, while Tre gets pulled deeper into the pimp street life. When one woman is forced to choose between them, the brothers draw a line in the sand. Their competition for power, love, and money sets the stage for sibling rivalry, treachery, and unimaginable heartbreak.

When reconciliation seems likely, a shocking family scandal could either draw the brothers closer together or sever their brotherly ties forever. As family members face off against each other, accusations are hurled and dark secrets revealed. Everything comes to a head in a catastrophic twist that no one will see coming.

A brilliant, powerful, and inspirational story, Brotherhood and Betrayal, The Preacher and the Pimp, Book Two, paints an unflinching portrait of love and hate, sin and salvation, and godliness and devilment. A fascinating tale that takes readers on an intriguing journey through two brothers’ lives whose differing professions, yet eerily similar journeys, are filled with secrets, scandal, betrayal, and ultimately salvation.

African American fiction, suspense, mystery, thriller, Christian, crime drama, urban lit, black stories




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