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Gwen Sutton is an award winning author and playwright who believes that with God all things are possible.  She writes to inspire others to seek Christ and lead victorious lives through His Grace.


With this goal in mind, Gwen founded Lift Him Up Productions, Inc. to lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ through fiction books (thrillers, mystery, Christian, suspense, urban, and drama), Christian plays, and other means. Topics include human trafficking, suicide, child abuse, and mental illness.

She currently serves as President/CEO of the organization.

Gwen's goal is to write dramatic stories that deal with real life issues, struggles, and triumphs in a compelling and thought-provoking manner.


Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Gwen now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with her wonderful husband, Swindell.  She

has one daughter and six fantastic grandchildren.  Gwen enjoys reading, writing, acting, worship and line dancing, missions work, and traveling.



Author Gwen Sutton

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