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Lift Him Up Productions, Inc. is a Christian organization created to promote and lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian fiction books (thrillers, mystery, suspense, urban, and drama), Christian plays, and other means. Topics include human trafficking, suicide, child abuse, and mental illness.


Our goal is to spread God’s Word through dramatic stories that deal with real life issues, struggles, and triumphs in a compelling and thought-provoking manner.


Readers' Testimonials for our books:


   "Five stars and many, many more...." 

   “So well-written and well-crafted.”

   “Awesome…An inspirational and heartwarming read.”

   “Found myself wanting to sneak and read a chapter or two while at work, but had to refrain.”

   “I absolutely loved the book from beginning to end. I could not put it down.”

    “Truly a blessing.”

    "Plenty of surprises and twists."

    "I don't know the last time a writer has moved me so much."

(Sources:  Amazon and Readers' Favorite Reviews)


       For more information contact:

       Gwen Sutton, President/CEO

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Copyright 2013; Lift Him Up Productions, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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